Posted by John Austin

How to Buy a Watch: The Dejaba Jewels Ultimate Watch Buyer Guide for Luxury Watches

Smartphone applications have taken over so many gadgets we used to need. The watch is still a sign of wealth and class. Men still want to wear a classic watch around their wrists. A great watch is not just a tool for telling time. It shows sophistication and personality. If you spend a fair amount of attention into buying a watch, it will be worth it in the long run. It is necessary to buy a quality watch and the next post outlines a guide just to do that.

Get Educated on Watches

In order to know what a quality watch is, you need to teach yourself. The more you understand about the kinds of watches, the greater understanding of their value. Get educated on how watchmakers have used their profession to make the perfect mechanism of watches. Mostly classic watches are so carefully and intelligently built that they last for generations.

The Price

You know the saying "You get what you pay for" this is very true for purchasing watches. Even if you have the budget you should be careful picking your watch. You must accept though that the price of a nice quality watch is pretty hefty. A quality watch is going to last a very long time. Your extra bucks will be considered an investment.

Brand and Dealers

When dealing with watches, Brands are the biggest factors in determining quality and class. However, before you decide into buying, compare various brands. Try to think out the reputation of each brand so you could pick the best value for yourself.
If you are directly purchasing from the brand franchise, you need to careful about the dealer you choose as well. You don’t want to get cheated and end up with a fake watch. 
Dejaba Jewels is a boutique online retailer devoted to the selling of pre-owned, un-worn and even vintage luxury watches. Dejaba Jewels implores buying inventory from dealers and also allows consignment, but is the happiest when purchasing watches from consumers and then reselling them to their customers.


About the Price and Value

The cost of a luxury watch can depend on many factors, such as craftsmanship, the quality of supplies used and the amount of labor used in creating a beautiful timepiece.
Watches that are under $250 are consumer watches. Branded watches cost way more than that and could cost up to $10,000.  If you keep upping the price tag then you will ultimately enter the luxury watch category. Luxury watches are known to be good investments if you ever decide to sell them.

Wearing the Watch

It would be very foolish to buy a watch for only checking the time. Better yet, stick to your phones for that. Watches are a symbol of your individuality. You must buy a watch that you will love and appreciate wearing. It will display a part of your personality rather just a time telling gadget. The safest way to buy the perfect watch is to learn more about them. The more you read about classic watches and the history of them, the more you will fall in love with them.