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5 Tips How to Choose the Right Wristwatch for Your Every Occasion - Dejaba Jewels

Watches had their great journey throughout history. From the wall clock to the smart analogue watch, they have had a remarkable journey and since the first manufacturer of watches in mid eighties they have become  interim part of a human life. With time passage they are not only the medium to see time as the watches have gained the symbol of class and poise. Especially those wrist watches that are the optimum symbol definition of class.

With the invention of smart phones it's assumed that the people will stop using wrist watches but the loyal users of wrist watches is keen of the value of it. As the watch simply defines the personality of an individual and for a women it's also a fine elegant piece of accessory. All these points are totally understood by one of the fastest growing online boutiques for custom for pre-owned luxury and vintage timepieces, Dejaba Jewels, as they offers wide collection of watches and bracelets to clients. 

Fellas you can't wear one wrist watch on all the occasions and not every timepiece matches with your persona, it doesn't matter how expensive the watch is, so now we are going to discuss the perfect occasions and tips on how to choose the watch that is right for you. Dejaba Jewels offers wrist watches for every occasion and personality, so now it's up to the collectors to choice the right watch for the right occasion. That is what we call perfect timing.

#1. Formal Occasions

Daniel Craig wearing a Rolex Milgauss

The white collar event or any formal gathering is the place where class and style matters the most. For those events wear some branded and designer wrist watch like the Rolex Milgauss. This memorable and highly collectible timepiece was introduced in 1956 with the original model reference number 6451. The new-generation Rolex Milgauss was introduced by Rolex in 2007 featuring anti-magnetic abilities.

The pre-owned Rolex Collection from the stylish collection of all the latest brands is where you can find a vintage themed Rolex like this one. The price range of the watches might give you little heart attack but trust me on that as your single spent penny will be worth able when your confidence steals the party with your elegant yet subtle wrist watch. You might feel like Daniel Craig himself wearing this timeless artifact surrounded by your friends and family. This wristwatch may catch a few glares but it certainly will not put you in any awkward or uncomfortable "how much did that cost" conversations from strangers or even relative like your wife's second cousin. 


#2. Special Occasions

Brad Pitt wearing a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date President


Maybe you have been invited to a movie premiere and you are imagining what you will wear on such an auspicious occasion. Most importantly because you are a watch enthusiast you want your favorite timepiece to accompany you. A most fascinating watch often seen on actor Brad Pitts is one of his favorites a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date President. Known as the "Presidents Watch", this iconic wristwatch holds a special place in Rolex history. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day Date has been worn by more heads of state, international royalty, global dignitaries, lavish lifestyle celebrities, record breaking sportspeople, captains of industry and men who build fortunes day by day.


#3. Informal Occasions

Al Pacino wears a  Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Diver Watch


For the casual events like giving a talk or a concert at the park,the wrist watch of leather straps and big dials are nice choice.  Maybe you have to give a talk or make a presentation, either which are perfect for wristwatches like the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Watch. This 44mm high grade titanium and black ceramic bezel illuminates confidence like only this Navy Seal collectors's diving watch is meant to do. These watches are usually less expensive yet highly sought after and they can be easily found or sourced through Dejaba Jewels. 


#4. Sports Occasions

Lebron James wearing Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 


The watches are great companion while sitting court side watching Lebron James break NBA scoring records. The wrist watches that person should use while having fun out or for any sports events must be of stronger nature then the classy. The main feature that sports wear watch must contains is it's water resistance and should be made up of unbreakable material. This 44mm in diameter Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore is made of 18k Rose Gold with an alligator strap is both strong and stylish. The straps of the watch should be of strong material also which definitely goes without saying for this wristwatch. The chrono-graph push pin at 2o'clock is set with diamonds for some added court side bling.


#5. Daily wear 

Kylie Jenner wearing Rolex Ladies Day Date President

The professionals should wear wrist watch daily as it gives the intellectual and professional look to them.  Before choosing daily wearable wrist watch one must view its durability as the watch is for daily wear so it should be long runner. The wrist watch must be light weight and should be of simple design that suits the personality of owner and becomes part of his or her persona. Noone shows off their "everyday" glamour style more than fashionista and glam star Kylie Jenner seen wearing her 27mm Rolex Day Date President.


I hope we have helped you in making your next occasion your best occasion.
These are the few styles that one should choice to wear on different occasions. So guys wear right wrist watch one right occasion and all the categories of wrist watches are easily available for you on the