• 10 Luxury Watches for Women to Invest in Right Now

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    These days you might think of a wristwatch as a mannish accessory, but did you know that the very first wristwatch ever was a custom creation for a woman? That's right--in fact, wristwatches were feminine accessories for decades before men even started wearing them!

    Watches themselves had been around since the fifteenth century, but it wasn’t until 1868 that prestigious Swiss manufacturer Patek Philippe created a one-off timepiece for a Hungarian Countess-- made to be worn on her arm. (Some accounts would say that the honor of first claim to an “arm watch” goes to Queen Elizabeth I. If so, the fashion clearly didn’t catch on for a few hundred years—but in either case, it was a woman’s arm that wore the watch.)

    Patek Philippe "Queen Elizabeth" 31mm Gondolo18k WG 2.33ct 78 Baguettes

    Wristwatches came into fashion in the second half of the nineteenth century, but only among women. In a time when men still had to pull out a pocket watch and open it to view the time (an inconvenience of which Napoleon reportedly complained on the battlefield), women were bedecked with beautiful bracelets that doubled as functional timepieces.

    Once they caught on to the utilitarian value of a wristwatch while operating machinery and coordinating battle, men more or less took over the market: it’s far more common today for men to wear a watch than for women. Nevertheless, trends come full cycle, and women’s wristwatches are becoming a hot investment item.

    Whether you plan to wear and enjoy it, or tuck it away to appreciate in value, a luxury watch is a prime investment. These are the top ten watches to watch for!

    1. Cartier Tank

    Sure, the name doesn’t sound so feminine, but the Cartier Tank is an iconic timepiece. Inspired by the aerial view of World War I tanks, its squared face and roman numerals are instantly recognizable to anyone who knows watches.


    Cartier Tank American Flying Tourbillon

    The tank has been around now for a full century, meaning you can look into vintage and even antique models as an investment. Check out fashion photos from the past, and you’ll find Cartier Tanks on fashion icons like Princess Diana and Jackie Kennedy.

    1. Cartier Ballon Bleu


    Cartier Ballon Bleu 36mm

    If you’re drawn to the new rather than the vintage, look into another Cartier offering in the classy and elegant Ballon Bleu line. Cartier sticks with its trademark Roman numerals, but this time in a round face with understated gold framing. If you want to catch a glimpse of one, look closely at a photo of Princess Kate Middleton.

    1. Hublot Big Bang

    Hublot Big Bang Aero Bang Black Magic 311.CI.1170.GR

    Named for a cosmic event, this luxury watch certainly delivers the “bang” for the buck. It’s an absolutely unique look, combining unusual materials fused in a striking presentation. In addition to its various tones of gold the face is encircled by diamonds. You can look for this wristwatch on the wrist of Israeli model Bar Rafaeli.

    1. Lange & Söhne Saxonia

    A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia Watch 35mm 18k WG 60 Brilliant-Cut Diamonds


    If understated and minimalist looks are hallmarks of your style, you might be interested in the Saxonia Automatic from Lange & Söhne. The face of this timepiece is absolutely minimalist, without even numbers to clutter its surface.

    1. Chopard Happy Diamonds

    This is possibly the most playful timepiece on the market, with its signature element of free-floating diamonds skating across the face of the watch. The watch face itself features bold Roman numerals surrounded by a silver-tone frame, but it is the dancing diamonds (sandwiched where they can slide around between the case and the dial) that make this model so very unique.

    1. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak


     Audemars Piguet Ladies Royal Oak Offshore Forged Carbon 37mm Rubber

    The watch-word for this watch would have to be “bold.” With its solid framework, octagonal diamond-studded bezel, and exposed screws, this watch manages to combine Steampunk-sensibilities with affluent elegance. Perhaps its not surprising that it can be spotted on the wrist of that bold athlete, Serena Williams.

    1. Rolex New Oyster Perpetual sport collection

    Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust 26mm 18k Solid Gold 24 Diamonds


    Let's be honest—you could fill up most of a “top-ten” list just with Rolexes, so let’s consider their sport watches as just one installment in our list. It’s worth noting that the sport watches hold their value even better than some of their dressier counterparts, making them productive as well as practical, from an investment point of view.

    The New Oyster Perpetual collection includes:

    • The Sea-Dweller: With the rotating bezel used by divers, a favorite for fifty full years.

    116660 Rolex DeepSea Sea-Dweller Ceramic Steel Black Dial 44mm 2017

    • The Yacht-Master:With a nautical flair and countdown functions, perfect for timing the regatta.

    Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 40mm 18k Everose Gold

    • The Cosmograph Daytona: With a tachymetric scale engraved on the bezel, designed to measure speed as well as time.

    Rolex Daytona Oyster Pertual Cosmograph 40mm 18k White Gold Oyster Blue Dial

    • The Sky-Dweller: Simultaneously displaying two time zones, a world watch for travelers.
    1. Rolex Datejust

    Rolex Lady-Datejust 28 Blue Stripe Roman IX Dial 18k Gold Jubilee

    This is the other classic Rolex that has to adorn any top-ten list. The original Datejust debuted during World War II in a design designated to men, but the company wisely expanded its offerings to cater to women as well. The classic Datejust features elegant gold and minimalist design, while the Lady Datejust featuring an optional pink face.

    1. Glashütte Original Ladies Collection



    This watch striking to look at, with its unusual design elements and its use of rose gold, white, and diamond bezel. It would look equally at home in a ballroom or at a ballgame, which is quite the feat to pull off.  For a look that’s eye-catching without being ostentatious, this watch is truly an original.

    1. Patek Philippe Ladies’ Aquanaut

    Patek Philippe Ladies Aquanaut 35mm 18k Rose Gold 387 3.25ct Diamonds

    We finish off this list with the watchmaker that started it all. Patek Philippe created that first wristwatch for a Hungarian countess, but now they are better known for the Aquanaut—a flagship in their line of timepieces since the 1930s.

    The Aquanaut is the last word in minimalist elegance, with a bezel of baguette diamonds surrounding the streamlined face. This model has stood the test of time, making it a solid candidate for investment.

    Whatever watch you choose, enjoy it—and wear it in health!

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  • Luxury Watches: Which Brand is the Best Investment? | Dejaba Jewels

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    When it comes to luxury watches, you definitely get what you pay for. And in the case of luxury watches, you’re not only paying for looks, functionality, and prestige—you’re also making an investment.

    What’s more, it’s an investment that you’ll enjoy far more than any of the electronic or paper varieties!

    This is an investment you get to wear, look at—and yes, show off. And unlike a car, which loses a remarkable part of its value the minute you drive it off the lot, a rich watch only appreciates in value with time and use. And unlike a smartphone or technological device, which becomes quickly outdated, there’s no expiration date on a good watch. On the contrary, a vintage watch may be worth considerably more than its initial purchase price.

    Whether you’re like us here at Dejaba Jewels and Watches, a devotee of horology (that’s the art of measuring time, by the way) or simply enjoy the better things in life, a beautiful timepiece is functional and valuable at the same time.

    3 Tips on How to Make an Investment of a Wristwatch

    A fine wristwatch can be an investment in the same way as a rare vintage of wine, a valuable gem, or a prime piece of real estate. Not all investments are made on Wall Street!

    1. You can purchase a new watch with the knowledge that it will last for decades and gain prestige as a vintage piece in thirty years or so.
    2. There is also an avid market for vintage watches, so you can start with a piece that has already reached that status.
    3. In between the extremes of “brand new” and “vintage,” you can spring for a “pre-owned” watch—one that hasn’t yet reached vintage status and can be purchased for less than a brand new model.

    As one watch expert suggested to Time magazine, a person’s investment in a great watch should be guided by the attraction of the watch itself. A watch isn’t “a bar of gold,” as he put it. It’s an item with character and appeal that you can enjoy in its own right, even aside from its growing value.

    There’s no question that an opulent wristwatch is a great investment. The only question is which brand to choose? Here’s a run-down of the top five investment brands.


    The very name “Rolex” is practically synonymous with style and affluence. Many of the innovative inventions in modern wristwatches have been developed by the Rolex brand. From the first water-resistant case to quartz movement, Rolex has been at the forefront of research and development in wristwatches, and has served as the gold standard for class and quality.

    Rolex GMT Master II 18k Solid Gold Black Dial 40mm

    Rolex is the single largest producer of luxury watches, and made the Forbes list of most powerful brands globally. Because of its brand recognition, its traditions of more than a century, and its Swiss engineering, Rolex is widely considered the number one investment among wristwatches, with an impeccable pedigree. The sport watches in particular have shown a positive track record in the matter of value retention.

    Patek Philippe

    If you thought Rolex had an impressively long tradition, you’ll be bowled over by Patek Philippe’s history. Founded in 1851, this company has been making watches since before people wore them on their wrists! (In fact, the first-ever wristwatch was created by a Patek Philippe watchmaker in 1868, as a custom order for a Hungarian countess.)


    Patek Philippe Complications Annual Calendar 40mm 18k Rose Gold 40mm

    Vintage and antique Patek Philippe watches are highly sought after, and the market has been driven even higher by the company’s propensity to buy up its own relics for the museum housed in Geneva. The most expensive timepiece ever sold was a Patek Philippe wristwatch that auctioned at Sotheby’s for twenty-four million U.S. dollars!


    Although Cartier does not limit its specialty to wristwatches, it does hold a prominent place in the history of wristwatches, resulting in many vintage and even antique models of interest. Inspired by the aerial view of World War I tanks, Cartier designed his “Tank” watch with a square face and Roman numerals. Over the intervening century, those design elements have remained the same, making the Tank one of the single most recognizable watch models on the market.

    Cartier Tank Americaine Chronograph 18k White Gold White Dial 26mm


    As the centennial of its introduction looms, the Cartier Tank is sure to garner a lot of extra attention—and value as well!


    Not every luxury watch is made for the ballroom or boardroom, and Breitling makes some great models for the active lifestyle. Take the Superocean Chrono, for example, which rates to an underwater depth of 500 meters and looks sleek and sporty. Whether you’re a diver or just like the look, this watch’s bezel, dials, and Swiss construction are all impressive.


    Breitling Chrono-Matic Limited Edition 49mm 18k Rose Gold Ltd 500 pcs

    The pilot’s answer to the Superocean is the Navitimer, a line that has held cache since the middle of the last century. For those who feel that vintage Rolexes are old news, vintage Breitlings are the rising stars.


    Unlike Rolex, which has kept its product lines relatively few, Omega offers a wide array of different choices in its lines of watches. If you’re looking strictly for investment, this could cause some confusion; it’s hard to predict which models might hold their value or increase over others. But as an investment in your own enjoyment, that wide variety enables you to choose exactly what you want from a watch.



     Omega De Ville Prestige Co-Axial 36mm 18k Solid Gold 9 Diamonds

    From the sporty-but-classy Seamaster Professional to the quirky-sci-fi look of the Spacemaster, Omega offers designs to suit every style and taste. This brand’s vintage models are rising in popularity as some of their classics come of age.

    One of the beauties of investing in a watch is the fact that you can own and use something that holds appeal and value to you personally, as more than just a spreadsheet-figure. Whatever your own personal tastes, whatever you enjoy about history and culture, whatever you want a watch to shout to the world…  Now THAT is an investment.

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  • Four Great Everyday Luxury Watches - Dejaba Jewels

    Posted by John Austin

    Stop the Time with the best everyday luxury watches that you simply must have.

    Ladies and gentlemen have dependably been fascinated by hand accessories whether they are wrist bracelets or rings. Nothing can replace a nice watch. It will upgrade your identity and make you look wealthy. Having a quality watch gives the feeling that you have grasped the time. 

    This is the reason people need to ensure that they have the best watch in the social occasion. The astonishing element of the watch is that you can wear it casually or formally depending on the occasion. There is no uncommon clothing standard for the watches, as they will work out with every one of your dresses. So today we have the rundown of 4 watches that you should add to your gathering. 

    • Hublot Ladies Big Bang Broderie

    With the feminine touch, this watch has the craft of combination. It has been fabricated with quality material to guarantee that you will get an opportunity to flaunt your embellishment for whatever length of time that you like. 
    At the point when the watch was initially launched its bezel black dial with the combination of gold and diamonds got the consideration of numerous ladies around the world. It has an eye-getting appearance that will make you fall in love with the watch.
    The watch will be sent to you with a crate. It has a date marker and the chronograph makes it looks much more flawless. It would be a flawless present for the lady you cherish too. 

    • Oris Aquis 

    For the men who love to like the lively look Oris is the ideal decision for them. It can be worn on the normal days and also on unique events. The analogs dark dial with the silicone strap upgrades the look of the item. 
    It has been made with a quality stainless steel to ensure that you won't need to stress over wearing the watch when it is stormy outside. The best quality of the watch is that it has 300 meters of water protection so you can even swim while wearing the watch. 

    The automatic movement of the luxurious watch simply enhances the elegance. Accessible with a black color you can wear it with all your dress and in addition, give it to your companion. 

    • Cartier - The Panthere de Cartier 
    The watch each lady craving to have in her collection. Made with 18k Yellow Gold it will improve your identity in each occasion that you go to. You can just wear the watch on the unique events. 
    The simple dial and the not too bad gold bracelet will furnish you with the decent look that you have constantly wanted. You can combine the watch with any dress that you like even it is an outfit or a business.
    This ladies watch is flawless to wear to a noteworthy conference to demonstrate the customers that you have the class and tastefulness that they will not discover anyplace else. It would be an great present for your exceptional somebody. 

    • Rolex GMT Master II 

    At the point when the Rolex GMT was initially released from the market, it pulled in some significant clients. These are the reason why: 

    • Pepsi blue red encompassing of the dial 
    • Black automatic dial 
    • Strap made with 1 k white gold 
    • Stainless steel fabricating 

    With the automatic movement, each man needs throughout his life is his watch. You can wear it to all the unique event to ensure that individuals will remember you for quite a while. It is an unbelievable time instrument that will help you to leave your mark. You can combine the watch to any of the business wear. Make an excitement among people by wearing Rolex to your wedding. 

    Bottom line

    So ensure that you put resources into the watch that meets every one of your needs. All these watches are high quality and once you have them on your wrist, you will wear no other embellishment. For more data about the watches, ensure that you visit our site and focus on our stunning accumulation. Keep in mind to share the watch that you purchased. Visit Dejaba Jewels for your next luxury watch online purchase.

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Buying Rolex Watches Online - Dejaba Jewels

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    The Ultimate Guide to Buying Rolex Watches Online 

    Buying a Rolex Watch is everyone’ dream. However, one should take care, as there are several fakes accessible within the marketplace both offline and online as well as some blatant dishonest retailers who misrepresent the outline of their watches on their own internet sites. We've developed this small guide to assist you on this issue. If you follow these actions, it will considerably cut back the chance of you creating an incorrect call. Below you may realize a Complete Rolex shopping guide that may give you a wealth of data for purchasing the correct and 100% authentic Rolex watch.
    You can examine the consumer's comments further as merchandiser ratings, i.e. Yelp Reviews, Google Reviews, TrustPilot Reviews, eBay feedback and others.  Also, it's smart to grasp if the website has tips on purchasing because most serious businesses do have these pointers. One in all the items that require being checked in the tips is if they have a compensation or return policy and also the pledge to arrange one. It's better to know just in case. What if you don't adore it, how will you come back to get your money? Or the watch suddenly stops working and pieces of it fall? It is important to take these potential problems into consideration. Another great tip is to keep everything saved and in writing for whatever could happen in the future.
    There are several questions that you may want to ask that may serve to help to have a very smooth buy. But, the most important things to look for:
    Is the seller reputable? Does the seller offer a return policy? Is it clear?
    Did you double check the price of the model you want to buy?
    Did Get the 3 digits serial range (pre-owned) and additional photos if possible. 
    If your watch has to be special ordered at the time of purchase then additional photos should not be expected. Verify your model number with the manufacturer to ensure that your order the correct model and the correct model arrives.
    It is crucial to see the seller's ratings or reviews because it is a great factor to avoid scams. If you're going to get your item on eBay, you can examine the buyer's comments as well as seller ratings. I would suggest that you purchase from eBay sellers who have a minimum of 4.5 ratings.
    If you use the search engine it is good to find out if the business has a good or bad reputation, and try to research more about the website. Also, it is good to know if the website has terms of service because the most serious businesses do have these guidelines.
    One of the things that need to be checked in the terms of service guidelines is if they have a reimbursement policy and any warranty plan. It is good to know because in case you do not like it then you can return it back or could get it fixed at no cost just in case it stops operating.
    It is great to communicate by e-mails because you can keep an archive of everything; however, it is always a good idea to call prior to closing a deal.
    When you are ready to shop for your pre-owned Rolex you'll do some research and determine the model number that you just are checking specifications for. Next you should ask the vendor what's the model number of the wrist watch you wish to buy to check if it matches. This can be because some retailers customize watches to create clients and think they'll be shopping for a more recent watch.

    How you'll confirm that the Rolex watch you're shopping for is a real one and not the fake pretend. When you move to the marketplace for buying a Rolex watch, you certainly wish to make sure that you are getting a true and authentic watch. Online private sellers like Dejaba Jewels specialize in the buying and selling of authentic pre-owned Rolex watches for men and women.
    The Rolex wrist watches are simply the most duplicated watches on the earth, a number of them have advanced counterfeit techniques. A popular belief is that when it sounds as great or it a once in a lifetime chance, there's a high chance it is the pretend one.
    Only a licensed dealer will sell a spanking new Rolex watch while having a warranty. Once a brand new Rolex leaves the authorized dealer it is consider used. Most online private sellers buy, sell and trade watches with authorized dealers, so even though you purchase a brand new watch online it is important to verify the warranty and how it will be handled if the occasion presents itself. This is so you will know what to do if your watch malfunctions, stops working, or you simply want it serviced or customized.
    Genuine Rolex watches possess a Hologram-encoded on the rear of the watch. There is a reference code distinctive to the watch and previously mentioned picture on top of that. Whereas pretend Rolexes may have stickers at the rear, they're not typically real holograms and don't alter the look once turned or viewed from varied angles.
    • - Pretend watches of Rolexes has a glass for the cover, whereas the real watch utilizes Crystal. To check this, place a rather little of water on that and look at it really strictly. The glass on the fake pretend watches will smear whereas the Crystal on the real edition will bead along.
    • - A true Rolex will most likely be heavier than any fake pretend Rolex watch because these duplicate watch manufacturers simply cannot afford to use proper tools.
    • - Rolexes do not tick - except the Quartz assortment. 
    • - Observe the backside of Rolex case. The real ones used or new Rolex wrist watches may have a little hologram sticker labeled on it. Although fake pretend manufacturers try replicating this, if you move the watch a bit, in light, you'll see that it's not really a hologram it is something else. 
    • - there's only one type of  Rolex, that includes a transparent backside case and these are current leader styles. If it's not one amongst these good designs, it's presumably a fake one.
    - you may additionally discover the fake pretend watch on the sight of the band color. Phony watches use low-quality material; so, they generally don't want you to see the watch. Some brands possess a characteristic rough strap and also most faker's are unable to replicate the degree of roughness. An alternate technique to see the watch would be to see it throughout the night or inside a the dark place. The initial watch will become bright in a darker area, whereas the phony watches usually do not possess that high-quality shiny materials.

    How to maintain your ideal Rolex watch and increase the durability

    • 1. Carrying the Rolex watch frequently
    By frequently carrying and making use of the Rolex watch will keep your watch in operating condition. By doing this, you may need to buy a continued stream of lubricants. If not used often, these lubricants might become hard, inflicting rubbing throughout the movement. Eventually, this friction might injury the operating of the watch. When you don’t wear your Rolex watch frequently, make sure you vacuum clean (blowing) it once every week. This may keep your watch moving, so prevents lubricants from getting hard.
    • 2. Clean the Rolex watch
    Like each different technology, your Rolex watch wants periodic cleansing and maintenance. There are a huge amount of places where grime, oils, and various types of greasy contaminants accumulate, like links amongst bracelet, space connecting case with a position and everybody around Cyclops lens. On tons of usage, you will see these types of dirt scraps on your Rolex.

    • 3. Removing Scratches on Bracelet of Rolex timepiece
    The Bracelet of your Rolex watch needs more care, because on how prone it is to scratches. Typically this is true for Oyster bracelet, that has polished links. Once you polish the bracelet once in a couple of months, you'll be able to maintain a fresh look for your Rolex watch forever. You may effortlessly exclude these scratches from links. You just need a high-quality polishing fabric, just buy something that is used to get rid of scratches from polished steel or gold. 

    Summary - Rolex buying guide

    With a moment of time and persistence, you'll be able to save a large amount of money on your lovely timepiece, that is in a position to endure for many years. Merely follow these steps and you'll be extra assured in your purchase. I truly hope this text was a perfect Rolex searching guide for you and choosing what quite watch you'd prefer to buy. Wrist watch are a very fantastic addition to your life style and you clearly deserve the best!

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  • The 10 Most Iconic Luxury Watches Found in Movies - Dejaba Jewels

    Posted by John Austin

    The 10 Most Iconic Luxury Watches Found in Movies 

    Given the normal circumstances, a watch that is in a film can lead to icon status for watch lovers and movie lovers alike. It can be downright surprising what screen time can do for a watch’s reputation and value, notably on the wrist of the right actor.
    But things have changed after the mid-1990s; while the decision to use a watch in a movie was once a simple wardrobe decision, it’s now frequently the product of contractual marketing arrangements. Frequently, collectors are most involved in watches from before the age of product placement — it’s no wonder that the pieces selected for ad money just aren’t as cool. Below, we show you our ten favorite silver screen watches that have made a large impression on both the cinema and the watch world.

    Sylvester Stallone’s Panerai Luminor

    PAM00356 Chronograph Luminor Daylight 44mm

    Image result for Daylight Sylvester Stallone Panerai Luminor

    Sly by himself revived Panerai from its efforts in the early ’90s. After their deal to supply the Italian Navy with wristwatches ended in ’93, Panerai observed to the civilian market, with little progress. Sometime in ’95, Stallone appeared to be in Rome (apparently in the market for a watch) when he found a Luminor in a store window. He purchased it on the spot to use during his movie, Daylight proceeded to order a bunch with his signature etched on the case back. Sly continued to control the action movie scene, and Panerai has grown as one of the most known luxury watch brands. Stallone can be seen using Panerai watches in many movies, and The Expendables 3.

    "Dr. No" 007 Sean Connery’s Rolex Submariner 6538

    Rolex Vintage 007 Submariner 38mm ref. 6538

    Image result for Dr. No Sean Connery

    If you ever saw a Holy Grail of movie watches, the Rolex Submariner reference 6538 used by Sean Connery in the first couple Bond Films is a convincing contender. With a short budget and no guidance from Rolex during the making of Dr. No, producer Cubby Broccoli apparently gave Connery the watch off of his own wrist — and it finished up becoming a legendary timepiece. Now, the average 6538, which is not so easy to find, can get six figures in the right condition. But the real chance, purportedly controlled by the Broccoli family, is likely valuable. The Bond name carries so much weight that it basically launched watch marketing in movies with Pierce Brosnan’s Bond debut in Goldeneye; acknowledgments to Jean-Claude Biver, Omega’s marketing genius, the laser-equipped Seamaster set an example in promotional deals that today is commonplace.


    Le Mans Steve McQueen’s Heuer Monaco

    Tag Heuer Monaco "Steve McQueen" 39mm Calibre11 Automatic

    The “King of Cool” essentially has a Midas touch when it comes to watches. He was never seen using the Rolex Explorer II reference 1655 — it’s recognized as the “McQueen” Explorer II since of an auction house marketing plan. The Heuer Monaco, there was no misunderstanding its appearance on his wrist in the movie Le Mans. McQueen first turned down a proposal from Omega, he thought they were using him for advertisement reasons, and then opted for the Monaco. Despite the Monaco got all the screen time, a number of on-set photos exposed McQueen’s true own preference as his Submariner reference 5512. However, his mark had now been made, and the Monaco owes its origin to him.

    1992 "Glengarry Glen Ross"
    Alec Baldwin’s Gold Rolex Day-Date

    Rolex Day-Date 18k Yellow Gold Automatic

    Image result for glengarry glen ross rolex

    A gold Rolex has become an accomplishment watch for tons people. To get one, according to Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross, one needs to “always be closing.” In seemingly the most epic de-motivational speech of all time, Baldwin displays his yellow gold Rolex Day-Date in Ed Harris’ face, describing how it’s worth more than his car. If you’re wealthy enough to own a gold Rolex, we believe it’s not because you copied Baldwin’s character to get there.

    Apocalypse Now
    Martin Sheen’s Seiko 6105

    Image result for Apocalypse Now Martin Sheen Seiko 6105
    When you want an iconic watch on a budget, look no further than the Seiko 6105. It oozes vintage fashion, but Martin Sheen rocked one as Captain Ben Willard, the Army Spec Ops officer working during the Vietnam War in the original Apocalypse Now. A 6105 in good shape can be attained in the $700-$900 range, while Seiko’s new reissue of the fashion can be obtained for even less.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Seiko H558


    Related image
    The Seiko H558 quartz diver is arguably beautiful on its own, but, come on, there’s no way it’d be as popular after today if it wasn't for Arnold. It’s amazing that  Seiko sells for around double its original retail price on today’s secondhand stores. The Governator wore the H558  in tons of ’80s action blockbusters, such as Predator, The Running Man, and Commando. Showing many movies he’s in, it has the widest range of movie showings out of any single watch.

    Pulp Fiction
    Bruce Willis’s WWI Lancet Trench WatchImage result for Pulp Fiction Bruce Willis’s WWI Lancet Trench Watch

    The “Gold Watch” part from Pulp Fiction is one of the great movie scenes of the ’90s. also with a collage of punched-up parts. The gold WWI Lancet trench watch is recognized as its hiding spot…and known as the perfect incentive for a dangerous trip back to Bruce Willis’s old home.

    The Crew’s Omega Speedmasters

    Image result for The Crew’s Omega Speedmaster apollo 13

    Maybe the most obvious option is Apollo 13 and the Omega Speedmaster. As a movie looking to obtain accurate information of such a historic occasion as the unbelievable return of the Apollo 13 crew, making the correct Velcro-strapped Speedy was a must. While Omega may have had a promotional deal in place, it would have been a significant misstep to overlook the only mechanical watch approved for spaceflight by NASA. After demonstrating its capabilities numerous times, there’s no uncertainty that the Speedmaster is a legend, and being prominently highlighted in an Academy Award-winning film only appends to its legacy.
    Here are the 8 different films with watches highlighted and some clear product placement. I recommend any watch lover to watch any of these classics. 

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